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Pivotal's FlexPoint Enables Apple PayTM

September 19 2014 | By Frank LoSchiavo

Unlike Sir Isaac Newton, we didn't need an apple to fall on our heads to realize that implementing NFC (near field communication) on our FlexPoint platform was key to supporting future payment technologies. Because of this foresight, Pivotal Payments is now easily able to provide support for Apple's long awaited payments platform, Apple Pay.

So... How Does Apple Pay Work?

Apple Pay links credit and debit card information with a unique security code, providing ease of use, security and privacy to payment transactions in-store or online. An NFC antenna built into every new iPhone and the new Apple Watch make it possible.

Take advantage of FlexPoint which easily integrates into any POS environment, is Apple Pay ready and provides added security with EMV!

Next Steps

Apple Pay will be commercially available as a pilot in the US starting October 6 and will be arriving in Canada in 2015.

Pivotal Payments continues to be at the forefront of new payment technologies to ensure we deliver greater value to our clients for years to come.

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